# What is Terra?

This section contains introductory material regarding important concepts in the Terra Protocol.

  • Stability: Covers how the Terra protocol stabilizes the market exchange rate of its stablecoins with respect to their reference fiat currencies.
  • Adoption: Discusses the fiscal spending model of the Terra Protocol (on code level, the budget module) and explains how that helps the protocol achieve accelerated adoption.
  • Exchange: The Terra Protocol offers zero-spread atomic swaps amongst its stablecoins, flattening forex costs and the attendant barriers for global value exchange and commerce
  • Validator: Contains detailed information on proper network setups, application procedures and useful tips on running a validator for the Terra network.

# Our Validator Address

# terravaloper1pc0gs3n6803x7jqe9m7etegmyx29xw38aaf3u7

# validator stats