# The Scalable, Multichain Network for Radical Innovation.

We honoured to be a part of the kusama network the original canary network. We appreciate all the support we can get and offer the highest validator service for a fair commission.

# Guide

How to nominate to Staker Space (opens new window)

# Our Validator Addresses

# 1st: FcjmeNzPk3vgdENm1rHeiMCxFK96beUoi2kb59FmCoZtkGF

# 2nd: Eksma7JmWh8DenpNKi2uCavwaKJ9QrJJbtcnmwJr3hbHSmC

# 3rd: Dm64aaAUyy5dvYCSmyzz3njGrWrVaki9F6BvUDSYjDDoqR2

# Our service

  • Redundant validator node available in case of maintenaince or fall-out of main validators
  • Backups made for quick recovery in case of DB corruption
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Active Community Member

# Advised Wallets

Wallet Name Development State Team Name Description
Signer (opens new window) Live Parity IOS and Android
Polkadot-JS (opens new window) Live Parity Browser
Polkadot{.js} (opens new window) Live Parity Browser extension