We are very happy to be a part of the kusama network, we appreciate all the support we can get. We would be honoured to validate with your nominations.

# Guide

How to nominate to Staker Space

# Our Validator Addresses

# 1st: FcjmeNzPk3vgdENm1rHeiMCxFK96beUoi2kb59FmCoZtkGF

# 2nd: Eksma7JmWh8DenpNKi2uCavwaKJ9QrJJbtcnmwJr3hbHSmC

# Specs

Using a Secure Validator Setup

  • High availability
  • Sentry nodes spread over different infrastructure provider in different regions.
  • Backup validator node in place in case of maintenaince of fall-out of main validator
  • Backups made for quick recovery in case of DB corruption
  • Monitoring the health of the sentries and validator