# Soon the Genesis Game!

I'm looking forward to the Genesis Games, hope you are all too. One of the requirements to participate is to have 25k testENG a representation of your real balance. I didn't have that balance, but I think many other were in the same position.

I'm hoping to activate these users and their testENG so we can be a part of the genesis game together. The goal is to gather more then 25,000 testENG. I created a wallet in which all testENG will be gathered and will spin up a secret-node for the genesis games.

This can change if one of the requirements is that I have to do it from my address that the snapshot is taken. Then I'll publish that address or send all of the testENG to that address.

There is one major detail I left out, your guys will have to trust me, which isn't supposed to be the case in a blockchain, but it will be appreciated and we can all enjoy the genesis games.


The team mentions that testENG tokens will be distributed very close to the deployment of Discovery on testnet, not far in advance. So we gotta act fast!

# Bundled Forces Telegram

I created a telegram group to keep the discussion going. Your all welcome there, to discuss further.

Link to Telegram group Staker.space: Genesis Games - Bundled Forces

# testENG gathering Address

# 0xe20a6f2cE3e1fB5347266D878dfB91B28E389e80