# Validator Campaign

We posted our campaign on commonwealth.im discussions board, you can check it out here

# Guide

# Nominate through polkadot.js

1. Go to https://polkadot.js.org
2. On the left bottom you will find settings
3. Select as remote node Edgeware Mainnet
4. Find `5HKHKZ2rsYVHwzNCgb4oyK6hWvzo58oBeoTnHP4bwrkRG7pk` 
5. Nominate and bond the amount of EDG you want

# Nominate through edgeware.cli guide

Guide on using te CLI

# Our Validator Address for Edgeware:

# 5HKHKZ2rsYVHwzNCgb4oyK6hWvzo58oBeoTnHP4bwrkRG7pk