# Our Node-id for delegation

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# Try Delegating to our testnet node

Delegating coda is an alternative option to staking it directly, with the benefit of not having to remain connected to the network at all times. However, keep in mind that:

you will need to pay a small transaction fee to make a delegate change, as this change is issued as a transaction recorded on the blockchain the delegate staking for you may choose to charge you a commission for providing the staking service To delegate your stake, instead of running your own staking node, run this command:

coda client delegate-stake \
    -delegate <delegate-public-key> \
    -privkey-path <file> \
    -fee <fee>

The fields in this command:

  • The delegate flag requires the public key of the delegate you've chosen
  • privkey-path is the file path to your private key with the funds that you wish to delegate
  • fee is the transaction fee to record your transaction on the blockchain

# For more information see CODA docs

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